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Our Levaquin lawyers can help if you suffered a ruptured tendon after use of Levaquin. Follow the latest news on Levaquin and lawsuits against its manufacturer. Read about how our landmark U.S. Supreme Court victory benefited consumers across America. Many law firms charge percentage fees as high as 45%. We charge 33⅓% and we're paid only if we win your case and you collect. If you have suffered side effects from Levaquin, contact us to discuss your legal rights.

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We have compiled the latest news on Levaquin and the FDA black box warning. If you or a loved one ruptured a tendon after taking Levaquin, please contact us.

Johnson & Johnson Loses First Trial on Warnings of Levaquin Bloomberg
December 8, 2010

Johnson & Johnson must pay $1.1 million in punitive damages to an 82-year-old man who claimed it failed to properly warn of the risks of tendon damage linked to its antibiotic Levaquin, a Minnesota jury said.

The federal court jury in Minneapolis today also awarded compensatory damages of $700,000 in the case of John Schedin, who sued J&J and its Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals unit in 2008. Schedin, who said he ruptured both Achilles tendons after taking Levaquin, claimed the companies failed to warn doctors and patients of the drug's association with tendon damage.

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Johnson & Johnson Antibiotic Draws Lawsuit Wall Street Journal
May 22, 2009

Johnson & Johnson faces civil lawsuits regarding the antibiotic Levaquin filed by one of the most prominent plainfiff's attorneys involved in the suits over Merck & Co.'s Vioxx painkiller.

The legal action comes nearly a year after the Food and Drug Administration, responding to pressure from consumer groups, requested that block-box warnings be added to the antibiotic and others in its class regarding the risk of tendon ruptures.

FDA Orders 'Black Box' Label on Some Antibiotics CNN
July 8, 2008

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Tuesday ordered the makers of certain antibiotics to add a "black box" label warning—the FDA's strongest—to alert patients of possible tendon ruptures and tendonitis.

"The new language will strengthen the existing warnings," said Dr. Edward Cox, director of the FDA's Office of Antimicrobial Products.

The FDA is requiring the label warnings and a medication guide for fluoroquinolone drugs, which include Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, Noroxin and Floxin.

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Your Legal Rights

If you suffered a ruptured tendon after using Levaquin, you may be entitled to compensation.

You should act immediately to contact a lawyer experienced in matters involving dangerous pharmaceuticals.

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